Empowering digital tools for Women


A simple App that you can use on your laptop or create a shortcut icon on your phone. Just put down whatever needs to get done, especially routine tasks!


  • Managed to complete a work deadline this week, while also looking after a sick child?
  • Or started work on that Business Plan that you were thinking about since long?
  • Maybe you negotiated with your husband to cook and feed dinner to the kids one day because you had to stay late at work – and even managed to make your mother-in-law understand!
  • Did you speak up at a meeting yesterday and made your point without caring for the interruptions – and felt really good about it?
  • Or maybe you sent out some LinkedIn invites to increase your connections or attended at networking meetup or socialised with a potential client.

Or any mini-achievements or major success that made you feel empowered?

Chances are that no one really gives you any credit for any of this. Even you don’t!

Not anymore. Download Count Your Stars Challenge and Never Miss a Chance to Applaud yourself!

This is a personal journal to record the big and small things you do in your day.

Using the Count Your Stars journal you will feel as excited as you felt when in school the teacher gave you “Stars” at the end of your assignment! It is a simple step for all of us women to feel good, better and best!

By giving yourself “stars” for everything you do, you will end up feeling much more self-confident and it will increase your feeling of self-worth and achievement.

Try keeping this personal achievements diary even for a week – and be surprised at how different you feel.