Elle (She in French) + (eco)nomics = Economics of Women

Ellenomics is a Knowledge-to-Action platform that is attempting to bring together solutions for bridging gender gaps and advancing women in India.

The world has predominantly been created by men and for men – it technically is really a “man’s world!”. Women have largely been left out of all spheres, be it participating in economic processes, expressing opinions or making decisions. And this imbalance is, to a very large extent, responsible for the huge imbalances that we see in the World today – be it the unequal access to wealth and prosperity, growing disharmony and violence, climate change and environmental destruction, low levels of human development, falling mental and physical wellbeing, etc.

Off late, women have fought hard to create some space to “put chairs for themselves on various tables”. Workplaces and policymakers have also proactively taken initiatives to enable women. Society at large is also coming around to believing that women will no longer be confined to the home and need to be treated equally. However, at the current pace of change the road to making this world gender balanced is extremely long, with an ETA of nearly 150 years!

Unfortunately, waiting that long would prove catastrophic for the World. “Slow and steady” will not help humanity win any race any more. We believe that gender equality and enablement of women is an URGENT necessity if we have to address all other growth and development challenges of the World.


Shravani Prakash

Coming from a background in economic and policy research as well as seeing the world from the lens of a working woman and working mother, I developed a passionate interest in finding solutions for solving the complex issues surrounding gender equality and women’s advancement. I dream of being a part of massive actions for bridging India’s gender gaps, and have undertaken independent initiatives and partnered assignments for fulfilling the goal.


Research and content Interns

We work with interns who are recent graduates or still pursuing their graduation. The interns are given an opportunity to create research reports, papers or content articles – independently but under guidance. We encourage young minds, especially young girls, to explore various topics related to gender and women and bring out fresh perspectives on the issues.

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