Dr Tanu Goyal Explains “What is G20 and What India’s G20 Presidency is all About”

She-splains everything we need to know about G20, in the context of India’s Presidency

Dr Tanu Goyal is a trade and policy Economist, working as a Senior Fellow with the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). Her research interests include international trade in services, trade agreements, services value chain and G20 issues. She has published policy and trade issues in international journals, book chapters, reports and popular media articles.

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Introducing Dr Tanu Goyal
What is G20?
What is the meaning of “G20 Presidency”?
What are the issues that are discussed under G20?
Understanding what happened under India’s G20 Presidency
Examples of preparatory work that went on behind the G20 Summit (Infrastructure and Knowledge Building)
What will be India’s role after the summit and Presidency gets over?

Full Interview with Dr Tanu Goyal to Understand What is G20 and India’s Presidency

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